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Available 3rd January 2023

Fae's Song

Fated Mates of the Fae Royals

Summer Court 1

The fate of the Fae begins…

Songstress, Niamh, has an unusual Fae power—an influence in her voice. Singing at the prince’s two hundredth birthday celebrations should be a grand moment, but not luring the prince into believing she’s his mate is all she’s concerned about. For every man succumbs to the magic of her voice and the prince is the one man she wants but can never have. For what can a lowly earth-living Fae offer the prince of the Summer Court?

When the King and Queen of the Fae insist Prince Fintan select a mate on his birthday, he’s reluctant to settle for a chosen mate, but then he stumbles upon his fated mate. He never thought he’d need to woo her, but if that’s what it takes to convince Niamh they’re fated mates, then he’ll do anything in his considerable power to make her his.

But as the secret in Niamh’s power is revealed, will Fintan still believe they are fated mates? Or will her secret be their undoing? And those of the Fae?

Fae's Wolf

Fated Mates of the Fae Royals

Summer Court 1

Two hearts, one fate… their love forbidden by all.

Fae princess Saoirse has one mission. Save the Summer Court’s dwindling Spring of Life. For if the spring ceases, so does their immortality. After the atrocities of the Trappers, the Fae King, her father, sealed the veil separating Earth and the Summer Court. Unbeknownst to him, her royal powers work on the lock and she passes between the two realms, searching for a cure.

That, and to avoid other Fae while she’s in heat.

After battling wildfires, wolf shifter, Arrow returns to his small hometown. He never expected to scent his fated mate, and a rare Fae at that. One whiff of her scent, one look into her eyes, one touch of her body, and he’s overwhelmed by the urge to mark her. Claim her.

Claiming Saoirse as his mate doesn’t mean she’ll accept him or his wolf. Nor does it mean his pack will accept her.

As a fire consumes all in its path, Saoirse faces revealing her secret powers to save the wolf shifters and risking the wrath of the Fae King. Will this convince the shifters and the Fae to work together? Or will the two realms forbid their mating forever?