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Reluctant Bride Anthology

​A Steamy Contemporary Romance Collection

His Love Contract

He's older, wiser, and always gets what he wants. The wedding is happening... whether the bride likes it or not.

Twelve stories featuring young reluctant brides and the older men determined to claim them. These forced marriages may start out frigid, but love conquers all with a passion that is off the charts, scorching hot sex, and sigh-worthy happy ever afters.

All’s fair in love and revenge. A waitress with saucy revenge in mind. A too good looking for his own good regular customer.  A bad day that can't get any worse. Or can it? Caught red-handed, he demands retribution. With a contract of marriage.

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Paw Prints of Love Anthology

​A Sweet Contemporary Romance Colletion

Love can call on us in the most unusual places. In this fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay, love is on the horizon and the one place you’re sure to run into the unexpected is The Funny Bone, Dee Chambers’ dog grooming salon.


A solo-dad comes to Stonecrest Bay to start a new life with his young son. A four-legged pastry loving friend causes havoc in more ways than one. A house-sitter finds herself in a hair-raising chocolaty situation. A man bent on finding a replacement farm dog finds more than he planned at the town fair. A new resident arrives with hidden secrets. A woman gets more than she bargained for when she comes face to face with her ex. Business tycoon stops over, weary from the corporate world. And a pro surfer finds unexpected romance.


Readers will be swept up in these stories of—young love blossoming, heartache and healing, old lost loves rekindled, of new hearts connecting in Stonecrest Bay where the unpredicted could stroll around the next corner. There’s a story for everyone in this light-hearted collection of romance stories that reminds us it’s all for the love of dogs.


Enjoy this collection from ten different Australian authors. This set contains ten romances set in the fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay.

Contains A Barking Chaperone

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Sweet Delights Anthology

​A Sweet Contemporary Romance Collection

Sweet Delights offers the reader fourteen amazing romance stories full of love, blossoming romance, yummy treats, and the odd challenge or two. You’ll find stories about weddings, café’s, cooking classes, bake sales, family reunions and lost loves reunited. Lose yourself in the many stories and fall in love with the characters, their lives, their loves and of course, their sweet delights.

Lemon Snippets

A schoolgirl crush + best friend’s brother + teenage hormones = a disastrous no-go zone. Reworking that equation a few years later could possibly give the most deliciously sweet result! Can Claire and Travis reignite the passion they once shared?