How the grinch lusted after santa (1).jpg


What happens on the stage doesn’t always stay on the stage.

Playing Santa in the annual Christmas play isn’t every woman’s dream part, but for Candy, it means she gets to kiss the Grinch. AKA Devin Meyer, Mr. Hotness himself, and the man she’s secretly been in love with for the last four years. But Devin’s engaged, so feelings and stage kisses aside, their romance will never be anything more than an act.

Being the Grinch in his hometown play is one of Devin’s favorite roles. That’s because he gets to act opposite Candy Kane, the sexy Santa whose stage kisses dazzle him and leave him wanting so much more. This year he’s single, and all he wants is for Candy’s kisses to be more than acting.

Will this be the year their Christmas wishes finally come true?



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