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An actress secretly in love with her co-star. An actor lusting after his co-star. When they’re both single at the same time, will they finally admit their feelings?

Candy Cane doesn’t believe her wish will ever come true. Madly in love with her co-star, she looks forward to spending time with him each year they perform in the Christmas play. When she learns he’s no longer engaged, can she brave her fears and tell him her on-stage kisses are real?

Devin Meyer looks forward to returning to his hometown each Christmas. Being a famous actor isn’t easy but playing the Grinch every year is his favorite role because he gets to spend time with Candy. When his co-star admits her feelings for him, will he seize his chance for a real kiss? And more?

Will their Christmas wishes end in happiness?

How The Grinch Lusted After Santa is the steamy first standalone book in the Hollywood Hearts short story series. If you like instalove, holiday romance, and a quick read then you’ll love Helen Walton’s charming romance.

Get How The Grinch Lusted After Santa for some Christmas spice today!



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