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Their Love Deal

Billionaires' Reluctant Brides 1

A Steamy Contemporary Menage Romance​

What started as a way to keep her mom from nagging her about marriage ended in more…


Recent college graduate Tiffany Herringer never expected to fall in love with her two boyfriends. After three years of loving Dieter Brant and Dex Munroe, she can’t let go of either of them.  Everyone seems content with their arrangement, until the graduation party when Tiff discovers they know each other—and they’re friends—friends who talk about her and the things she likes.


When they suggest merging their relationships, Tiff doesn’t think she can be with two men at once. Sure, she dates them both, but together?  If she agrees, she’ll never have to choose between Dieter and Dex, but then she’ll never get married. Not that she wants to get married … or does she?

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His Pleasure Contract

Billionaires' Reluctant Brides 2

A Steamy Contemporary Romance​

Prue’s husband Will has ticked off most of her fantasies, all except one. When he draws up a contract to fulfill her fantasy of a threesome, she’s unsure what to do.


Billionaire William Burberry, the fourth, has everything he ever wanted in his wife Prue. She may be a mouthy ex-waitress with a terrible upbringing, but she fits him perfectly in bed and out. But he sees the way she looks at her best friend with her two boyfriends.


Will would do anything for her, even if it means sharing her with another man for a night. One night meant to fulfill Prue’s fantasy for her birthday present.


Can she ignore her worries and go for her fantasy? 

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Love Negotiations

Billionaires' Reluctant Brides 3

A Steamy Contemporary Romance​

Negotiation or blackmail? Is there a difference?


Kennedy Fuller has a secret. She enjoys watching people in intimate acts—especially the exhibitionist couple for whom she nannies. What’s a woman with three years of celibacy meant to do?


Billionaire lawyer Marco Lawrence has known Kennedy for years. He never suspected she hid a sensual woman beneath her youthful ponytail until the night he found her eavesdropping on his friends in the throes of passion. Now he can’t get her out of his mind, but he can’t date her. Although he needs a wife before they’ll make him a partner in the law firm, he now has the means to negotiate with Kennedy. Marry him or he’ll tell his friends her little secret.


Kennedy can’t lose the people she thinks of as family. Negotiate she will, even if marrying him could risk both their hearts.