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Fae's Witch

Fated Mates of the Fae Royals

Summer Court 5

Loathe to want her. Annoyed to want him. Destined for more.



Everyone wants the services of a witch. Spells and potions are my commodities, even though humans are skeptics and supernatural creatures are in hiding, making it harder than ever to make a living. When a distant relative asks for my help, I try to say no. Dreams of my death haunt me whenever I’m in this town, but I can’t deny the only family I have left. And then I meet him. The Fae Prince. He despises me on sight, but I want him more than I’ve ever wanted another man. What’s up with that?



The past never leaves me. It’s left a bloodstain on my hands I can’t seem to scrub clean even though it’s been centuries since I killed the Trappers. The Fae King has given me the task of bringing my sister home to the Summer Court. A task I relish until I meet her. The witch. Now the past is in my face. A beautiful face that I want to kiss when I should loathe the sight of her. I can’t stop thinking about her. The more time I spend near her, the worse my obsession gets. Then the past becomes the present, and I’m faced with losing more than I ever imagined possible.


Fae’s Witch is the fifth standalone romance in the Summer Court fantasy romance series featuring powerful Fae royals who find their fated mates on their quest to save the Fae.


It’s perfect for fans of portal worlds, intrigue, suspense, heartfelt emotions, explosive chemistry, love, and happily ever after.

High heat fantasy and paranormal romance

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Steamy seductive contemporary romance

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Steamy contemporary romance short stories

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