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Welcome to the home of Helen Walton's books

where romance stories are like chocolate.

One is never enough and a variety is even better.

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Live. Laugh. Move on.



Moving to the small town beachside of Hope Bay couldn’t have come at a better time after my separation. What I didn’t count on living next door to my sister was dog-sitting her naughty beagle and the catastrophe he causes.

Nor did I count on a handsome man coming to my rescue and the instant attraction between us.

But then he introduced himself as my new contractor to help renovate my newly acquired house.

I can’t date my employee no matter how much my feelings for Nate grow.



Working construction wasn’t where I’d originally planned to be, but here I was about to start a new job in Hope Bay when the owner literally fell into my arms. It’d been a long time since I’d felt an instant attraction to a woman, and now I had to work for her.

She has a no-dating-an-employee policy, but I find ways to spend more time with Madeline without crossing her boundaries. The problem is, I’ve fallen in love with her.

And if she discovers who I really am, then I might lose her before I’ve even had her.

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Falling For Mr. Faking It.jpg



Fake it. Laugh. Love.



I never expected to see my first and only love again. When he appears on my small hometown beach in Hope Bay, I do the only sensible thing and pretend my dog trainer is my boyfriend. He seems willing to go along with the fake title, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

The longer we spend in our fake relationship, the more I realize Shawn is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and I’m falling in love with him.

But where will that leave us when we no longer need to fake it?



I should have given up on the impossible of training Hannah’s naughty beagle months ago, but I’d fallen in love with her. Except she didn’t know I existed as a man until she asked me to play along as her fake boyfriend.

Of course, I use every chance I get to prove to her I’m better than her ex-boyfriend.

But what if she’s still in love with him?

New Release

Fae's Dream (1).jpg

Fae's dream

Fated Mates of the Fae Royals

Summer Court 6

Can destiny mend two broken hearts?


I’d spent centuries locked inside the Fae Kingdom, surrounded by my royal family. Safe. I thought I’d lost my chance at happiness until a trip to Earth led me to my fated mate. The one I believed was dead all these years. Now we have the chance to be together forever, but there are problems in the Summer Court—we might lose our immortality. Forever might be shorter than we deserve after being kept apart for so long, but can I learn to trust my mate long enough to be happy?


I’d dreamed of my fated mate for years on end. They were all I had left after we met and tragic circumstances tore us apart. I never forgot her. Never gave up on believing we’d be together one day. When the Fae Princess walks back into my world, I’ll do anything for her, but no matter how much I try to prove myself to her, she keeps me at arm’s length. Then I learn the secret she’s been keeping. No matter what happens, I’ll love her forever.

Fae’s Dream is the sixth standalone romance in the Summer Court fantasy romance series featuring powerful Fae royals who find their fated mates on their quest to save the Fae.


It’s perfect for fans of portal worlds, intrigue, suspense, heartfelt emotions, explosive chemistry, love, and happily ever after.

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High heat fantasy and paranormal romance

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Alternate paperback covers

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Steamy seductive contemporary romance

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Small town contemporary romance

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Steamy contemporary romance short stories

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