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Fae's Song

Fated Mates of the Fae Royals

Summer Court 1

The fate of the Fae begins…
Songstress, Niamh, has an unusual Fae power—an influence in her voice. Singing at the prince’s two hundredth birthday celebrations should be a grand moment, but not luring the prince into believing she’s his mate is all she’s concerned about. For every man succumbs to the magic of her voice and the prince is the one man she wants but can never have. For what can a lowly earth-living Fae offer the prince of the Summer Court?
When the King and Queen of the Fae insist Prince Fintan select a mate on his birthday, he’s reluctant to settle for a chosen mate, but then he stumbles upon his fated mate. He never thought he’d need to woo her, but if that’s what it takes to convince Niamh they’re fated mates, then he’ll do anything in his considerable power to make her his.
But as the secret in Niamh’s power is revealed, will Fintan still believe they are fated mates? Or will her secret be their undoing? And those of the Fae?

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A Mischievous Matchmaker

A Stonecrest Bay Novella

Dog sitting shouldn’t be too hard for soon-to-be divorcee, Matilda Edwards. Determined to start over with a sparkling, newly renovated bed-and-breakfast business, she can’t believe the catastrophe her sister’s dog Bosco causes in the first five minutes of his weekend stay. Nor the gorgeous man who comes to her rescue.


Who happens to be her new contractor, Nate Hudson.


One dog sitting disaster after another leads her to Nate, and spending time with him is a bonus. As much as she likes Nate and is attracted to him, it’d be inappropriate to act on her desire to kiss him. He’s her employee. She’s technically still married. He’s younger. Hotter.


Nate Hudson falls for his new employer big time. Matilda is fun, and beautiful, with integrity and a big heart. Coming to her rescue is his new favourite pastime. Until he offers to teach her how to surf.


Except for one problem with the surf lessons, he has a secret he must keep hidden. Otherwise, she might never accept his help again.


Despite the obstacles, can they find love with the help of a canine matchmaker and his mischievous ways?

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Love Negotiations

Billionaires' Reluctant Brides 3

Negotiation or blackmail? Is there a difference?


Kennedy Fuller has a secret. She enjoys watching people in intimate acts—especially the exhibitionist couple for whom she nannies. What’s a woman with three years of celibacy meant to do?


Billionaire lawyer Marco Lawrence has known Kennedy for years. He never suspected she hid a sensual woman beneath her youthful ponytail until the night he found her eavesdropping on his friends in the throes of passion. Now he can’t get her out of his mind, but he can’t date her. Although he needs a wife before they’ll make him a partner in the law firm, he now has the means to negotiate with Kennedy. Marry him or he’ll tell his friends her little secret.


Kennedy can’t lose the people she thinks of as family. Negotiate she will, even if marrying him could risk both their hearts.

Sweet small town contemporary romance


Steamy seductive contemporary romance

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His Pleasure Contract-3D.png

High heat fantasy and paranormal romance

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